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Pollution of Yamuna River

Everyone has the right for fresh water. More and more people and organisations are aware of the horrible situation of Yamuna river. Pollution of Yamuna River has reached alarming levels a long time ago.

The serious situation of Pollution of Yamuna River

Awareness of Pollution of Yamuna River

Leading organisations raised their voice, and many campaigns were born. For example Ramesh Baba’s Braj Yatra or Braj Vindavan Act Now! The goal of all these efforts is to save Yamuna river.

The pollution of the Yamuna river has reached and all time low. The level of indusrtial pollution in Yamuna river is 13 times the permissible limit.

Horrifying Facts About the Pollution of Yamuna River

Yamuna pollution threatening the life of many children in India

• 23% of children living next to Yamuna river have dangerously high levels of lead and arsenic. Children are poisened and many die from pollution of the river.

• 26 industrial areas and 22 drains contribute their load to Yamuna generating almost 2 million litres of sewage daily

• 70 % of Delhi’s water requirement is provided by yamuna

• 70 % of the pollution to Yamuna is comming directly from humans.

• 57 million people living near the Yamuna require it as a source of water

High pollution is leading to natural disasters

One of the more prominent cases reported, has been the state of the Yamuna river just in front of the world famous Taj Mahal complex in Agra.

Many dead fish are found in the Yamuna river near Taj Mahal

High pollution is killing thousands of fish and other water animals. Even tourist visiting Taj Mahal, which is an UNESCO Heritage Site, witness thousands o of dead fish floating on the surface of the river.

According to one local old lady, rivers like Yamuna and Ganga are holy places and these places require cleaning. She blames big cities for all the pollution. She says that drains are also one of the major reasons of river pollution in Agra. She claims that river pollution started to increase when she was young and it all started from the cities.

This scientific documentary movie on Pollution of Yamuna river tells you everything you need to know about it. A must see movie for all enviornmentalists.

Conclusion on Pollution of Yamuna River

Yamuna has the highest level of biochemical oxygen concentration when it passes through Delhi. Once the river exits Delhi, there is no more oxygen present in the river.

Only this information is enough to make you an activist to protect the holy river, which touches the heart of Hinduism, Sri Vrindavana Dham.

Please do whatever you can to decrease the pollution of Yamuna river. At least don’t use plastic and chemicals while doing your rituals.

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