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For many years Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaja was looking for a place in Vrindavan. Not finding the appropriate place a local devotee asked wether Gopesvar Mahadev was consulted for permission. Immediately Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja went and prayed for a place and the very next day, by the mercy of Gopeshwar Mahadev, Vrinda-kunja (which is right behind Gopeshwar temple) was purchased, and later Yamuna-kunja, Vanshi-kunja and Vipralambha-kunja. The temples were restored to its original beauty and today hundreds of devotees come every year to take darshan of Sri Gauranga Radha Vraja Mohan and the wonderful Kunjas. Each Kunja has it's own story and here we would like to share with you some histories about Yamuna-kunja.

Life history and realisation
The following article is based on an interview with Pujyapad Damodar Maharaj, who served as the Math in Charge for Imlitala for 28 years. At 85 years of age this humble and sweet devotee is passing his last days in Yamuna Kunja, right next to Imlitala, on the banks of the holy river Yamuna.

Imlitala Mahaprabhu's appearance
One early morning Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti went to Imlitala and found a big branch of the Imlitala tree on the floor.

Royal bathing chambers
Located under the original sandstone building are bathing chambers which were believed to be used by the royal ladies.

Damodar Maharaja in Yamuna-kunja
Since 2001 Pujyapad B.S. Damodar Maharaja, a disciple of Pujyapad Akinchana Maharaja, resides in Yamuna-kunja.
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