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dharmah stanad daksinato
yatra narayanah svayam
adharmah prsthato yasman
mrtyur loga-bhayankarah

„Religion was manifested from the breast of Brahma, wherein is seated the Supreme Personality of Godhead Narayana, and irreligion appeared from his back, where horrible death takes place for the living entity.“ SB, can'to 3, Chapter 12, Text 25

hrdi kamo bhruvah krodho
lobhas cadhara-dacchadat
asyad vak sindhavo medhran
nirrtih payor aghasrayah

„Lust and desire became manifested from the heart of Brahma, anger from between his eyebrows, greed from between his lips, the power of speaking from his mouth, the ocean from his penis, and low and abominable activities from his anus, the source of all sins.“ SB, can'to 3, Chapter 12, Text 26


A conditioned soul is under the influence of mental speculation. However great one may be in the estimation of mundane education and learning, he cannot be free from the influence of psychic activities. Therefore it is very difficult to give up lust and the desires for low activities until one is in the line of devotional service to the Lord. When one is frustrated in lust and low desires, anger is generated from the mind and expressed from between the eyebrows. Ordinary men are therefore advised to concentrate the mind by focusing on the place between the eyebrows, whereas the devotees of the Lord are already practiced to place the Supreme Personality of Godhead on the seat of their minds. The theory of becoming desireless is untenable because the mind cannot be made desireless. When it is recommended that one be desireless, it is understood that one should not desire things which are destructive to spiritual values. A devotee of the Lord always has the Lord in his mind, and thus he does not need to be desireless because all his desires are in relationship with the service of the Lord. The power of speaking is called Sarasvati, or the goddess of learning, and the birthplace of the goddess of learning is the mouth of Brahma. Even if a man is endowed with the favor of the goddess of learning, it is quite possible for his heart to be full of lust and material desire and his eyebrows to display symptoms of anger. One may be very learned in the mundane estimation, but that does not mean that he is free from all low activities of lust and anger. Good qualifications can be expected only from a pure devotee, who is always engaged in the thought of the Lord, or in samadhi, with faith.

Lord Brahma is the first created living being. He was born from the lotus which grew out of the navel of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The position of Lord Brahma is very interesting, he is the creator and he is incharged of the mode of passion, it is said that creation is in the mood of passion. Lord Vishnu is the maintainer, he is in the mood of goodness, and Lord Shiva is the destroyer, he is incharged of the mode of ignorance. The three modes of material nature do conduct all the things, they are the underlying principle of everything which goes on in this world, so we can see that by the mode of passion we are so eager to get things accomplished, by the mode of darkness we are just nasty and naughty and destroy everything, in the mode of passion we get married and get children, in the mode of darkness we have divorce, breaking our vows and doing so much nonsense. In the mode of goodness, which is very rare, we maintain, we follow strictly, we are patient, we do what has to be done so that we can grow spiritually, that requires allot of goodness. So Lord Brahma, being the creator, is the creator of everything. From his chest religion comes, from his back irreligion comes, not exactly such a pleasant job, to be creator of religion and irreligion, thats quite difficult. Therefore if we look even further we find that Lord Brahma he creates lust and desire, greed and anger, so he is creating the underlying principle of all that which exists. So we can see that our Lord Brahma is actually very responsible for everything which exists in this material world. So we are following in the Brahma-sampradaya, means we are following Lord Brahma who is also spiritual master to be so kind and to free us from all this creation which he has made. He will be so kind and help us to advance and to leave this material world.

daivi hy esa guna-mayi
mama maya duratyaya
mam eva ye prapadyante
mayam etam taranti te

„This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.“ BG, Chapter 7, Text 14

So it is impossible practically to get our of this material world unless you get some grace. You need grace, mercy. It is not something you can produce. You cannot produce the ingredients to come out of this material world. Just like if you fall from a ship into the great ocean, you may be a good swimmer, but nothing is going to save you except if somebody finds you there. Even if the sharks don't discover you, even if you just swim there in the ocean, how long can you swim ? One day you can't go to sleep while swimming in the ocean. So this material world is compared to a big ocean and we are dependend on grace. If you don't recognize that you are also dependend on grace, you wont get grace. Grace is being obtained as we long for it, as we hanker for it, as we cry for it, as we pray for it. It is a question of grace, without grace we are helplessly lost, we are not believing in jnana, we are not believing in karma. By karma you can get so many good things, by jnana you can become such a knowledgeable, such a highly educated person, but you cannot get grace by jnana and karma, you cannot get grace by yoga either. If you just think that you need power then you cannot understand what is the real gift of bhakti, the real gift of bhakti is that you have to understand the sweetness of grace, that it is very sweet, it is very wonderful. You have to know it, to appreciate it, you have to be able to cry for it. Laulyam, you have to become so eager for it, my Lord I want Your grace, I don't want anything else, I don't want Your knowledge, I don't want Your opulence, I just want to have Your grace because I know that Your grace includes anything and everything, I don't need anything else besides Your grace. Can you imagine the grace of Krishna ? When Mother Yashoda takes Krishna on her lap, you think Krishna wants anything ? He is just so happy because in the lap of Mother Yashoda everything is there, mothers grace, mothers milk, mothers kindness, mothers sweetness and mother is so worried: „Oh my dear baby you are here, now you stay here“ „No, now I want to play with Balarama“ „Oh, no, no, no, you better stay here“ „No I have to go“. The relationship of mother and son, vatsalya-rasa, it is also grace, it is infinite grace and what is being given by Krishna, by becoming the son of His devotee that is a grace that nobody can even conceive of.

The love of a devotee of Krishna is so big that Krishna wants to become his son, even that !. Can you imagine the limit's of grace ? There is no limit of grace, therefore we cannot conceive of it, what about the gopis dancing with Krishna ? Is that just a story of some young boys and girls, which are very common in this material world ? What they are selling is all lovestories, in television there are lovestories, in writing there are lovestories, everything is a lovestory, Radha and Krishna is just another lovestory ? No, it is the Supreme Personality of Godhead inviting us to dance with Him, the Supreme Personality of Godhead making His love available to the entire creation, that is something which you cannot even conceive of, that is beyond us. How is it possible that the Supreme Personality of Godhead cares so much for each one of us ? Lets say, a father he is so concerned with all of his children, not because he has five children or ten children, or that he will be less concerned because there are several of them. So the Supreme Lord, since He is the Supreme He is also supremely concerned, so He has the supreme amount of children and still He has an affectionate tie with each and everyone of us. And whats the proof for that ? The proof is very simple, that each and everyone of us longs for love, that is the proof. If we would not be longing for love than we wouldnt need His love either. If we would just be eating machines, sleeping machines and then you go and dissappear, no. We eat and sleep and we are not happy, we want something much more, we want to be loved. The Supreme Personality of Godhead has such an eagerness for love that it is inconceivable, His eagerness for love is unlimited. So therefore He dances the rasa-dance because He loves His gopis so much that He is creating a place where millions and billions and trillions of gopis can dance with Him. Why not ? Because the love of one for the Supreme, it is not what He is looking for, He is looking for the love of all. He cares for the love of each and everyone, just like a father has ten children he wants to hug each one of them, not that he hugs to and then he says ok boys and girls enought I don't have to hug the rest of you, because I already huged two. No, he hugs each one of them, he smells the head of each one of them, he gives all of them the feeling you are mine and you belong to me and I belong to you and we are forever united by the will of the Lord. So the Lord has created so many of us, boy He has to hug a lot of people. Thats what He likes, but of course He hugs only those who are totally sold out to Him, who are His, who have made their lives His, who have said: „I am yours“, now you can send any job to us, cleaning the kitchen ? no problem, what else you have to send, cleaning the garden ? good, whatever job you send to me I am happy to receive, so in this way we have such a wonderful invitation by the Lord of love, really this is Vrindavan, this is the land of love. Unfortunately we are such stupid fellows that often we forget about the love and we even get on each others case. You know that English saying, you get on somebodies case. What do you want ? Why do you want to make anybody unhappy or uneasy ? If he doesn't want to serve Krishna that is his problem, of course if somebody wants to eat and sleep on your cost and not do anything then of course you can have objection, thats your right. But on principle if somebody doesn't want to serve Krishna well then Krishna doesn't want him either. Yes, Krishna is so kind. Our Supreme loving Guardian, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He is of that type that He has not forgotten anyone of us, in the form of Supersoul. He is always concerned with each and everyones of our spiritual progress. We are so greatful that we have such a loving father. Now the question is do you want to be loved by Him ? Because if you want to be loved by Him means you are going to be His, that is your question. We are in such an ego-world, we don't want to belong to anybody. We get married but the next moment we don't want to be faithful to our family, we have children but the next thing we know is that we don't want to pay money to maintain our children nowadays. We go and have a job in a company and the next thing we know is that we are stealing from the owner to get into our own pocket. How many companies went bankrupt because all the employees just steal from them, that is a daily affair. You can see it is a very touchy subject who is really sincere. So do you want to have a relationship with Krishna ? do you really want to belong to Krishna ? That means throw out your televisions my dear friends, don't think you are going to love Krishna and watch television. Also you can throw your pillow after 5 am in the morning, don't think you are going to love Krishna with a head in your pillow all day. And there are allot of other things you can throw away if you really want to be Krishnas. The gopis are coming nighttime, everybody is tired at night, they sleep, but the gopis heard the flute and decided: „Hey we have to go“. They could have said: „Oh Krishna, why don't you play the flute in the day, night we are tired“, but the gopis when they heard Krishna calling them, and that is all they needed to know. He is calling, I am going. Forgetting sleeping, forgetting eating. Like the six goswamis of Vrindavan, they forgot eating and sleeping in the service of the Supreme Lord, so that is the real point here we are discussing, how to become surrendered and serious in spiritual life that we really can get the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, that we can really get this infinte grace of the gopis in Vrindavan. Do you really want to be Krishnas ? You want to say: „I belong to Krishna now“ ? That means I will not go anymore and look for lusty cheating, greedy affairs in this mundane world ? Or you are going to say: „Ok, today I belong to Krishna, tomorrow I will look for my lust“, what is your choice ? You have to decide it. You cannot have everything at the same time. There is always the choice to be made, so if you are really eager, like our spiritual master Srila Prabhupada. He was very strong with us, he told us that if you want to help the spiritual master, if you really want to show greatfullness to him, then you have to go out and tell to other people about Krishna. He didnt say you sit down in a temple, take a jappa and just chant nicely. No, he said go, I am talking about Germany, 20 degrees below zero, every sane man hides somewhere, and the devotees 20 degrees below zero put on some big boots and some heavy jackets, they go out in the street and ask everybody: „Please will you pay some attention to Lord Caitanya“, for 8-10 hours a day. Every day. That is sankirtan in the winter, thats what Europe looks like, and that is what Prabhupada has requested us to do. So if you are in the mood, Oh I want to have nice spiritual life, not too much service, everything peaceful, good prasadam and no difficulties. Forget it ! That means that you don't want to be Krishnas, you want something else. Srila Prabhupada used to say: „Many people want the spiritual world, but without Krishna“. They want great relaxation, great happiness, everything nice and that nobody is supposed to tell you what you have to do. But being with Krishna means that He is the boss, and Krishna surrenders to love, so if you love him purely He may even do what you say. Like Prabhupada, Prabhupada went to the west and he told to Krishna: „Please Krishna, you sent me here, I have nothing to do here, all these guys are totally in ignorance, could you please do something for them ? Please fulfill the meaning of my name, they called me Bhaktivedanta, I have no bhakti and I have no Vedanta, but You sent me here to represent You, so will You please be so kind and do something for these guys ? We have heard by Prahlad Maharaja that anybody who comes in contact with this transcendental sound, he will be able to get freed from all the conditioning and from all the disturbance, so you can proove that to be right now because I am going to tell everybody about the Bhagavatam.“ Thats what Prabhupada taught us, and Prabhupada was even more strong with Krishna, he said: „My dear Krishna, do not think that you will get the grace of Srimati Radharani if you don't help me“, he said, „You sent me here, I am sorry I can't do anything about this place, so if you want to get that grace from above then you better help me here“. Because Prabhupada talked like this with Krishna, Krishna thought: „Wow I guess I have to change my rules here, because according to rule all these guys are going down to dungeon, but now my devotee went there and he started telling everybody about the Gita and Bhagavatam and the Maha-Mantra, I guess I got to help them become Krishna-consciouss“, and thats what He did, and then Prabhupada said: „You really want to love Krishna, so go out on Sankirtana in the winter“, he didnt say go to Tenerifa, to a beautiful tropical island and just hang around and have a good time chanting a little bit of mantras, he didnt say that. He said: „I will go to that place where the devotees are most eager to distribute this books“, and when we heard that we thought: „Oh my God, now we really have to start to distribute this books because Prabhupada said that he will go there where the devotees are the most eager to distribute this literature“, so we went. Devotees went out, every day, distributed so much of this transcendental literature, just because the guru had requested this. One time they invited Prabhupada to Hawaii, they wrote: „Please come now to Hawaii, it is mango-season here“, and Prabhupada answered in the letter: „I prefer to be in winterseason in Hamburg distributing books then to be in Hawaii for the mango-season“.

We shouldnt run after the mango-season and we shouldnt run after the personal commodities, we should go for wherever we are needed. Actually a service is evaluated by the intensity of the need for it. When some service is very much required then you should really be eager for it to do it, there is no other interest in that, there is no other responsibility to be fulfilled. Lord Brahma he has created all these things, and he has also created darkness and passion, that is because we are searching for that. We are coming here to this material world to enjoy, we are coming here in the eagerness of lording it over material nature. We come here anxious to lord it over, to get other people subjugated under our ideas and we are not supposed to be like that, we are not supposed to do that, we are supposed to be surrendered to our Supreme Lord. We are supposed to be servants of the truth, whatever that entitles. Servants of the truth should not be a relative concern, servants of the truth must be something very serious. Servants of the truth means that everything you are aspiring for is fullfilled when you know that Krishna is satisfied, you don't have to get a separate pleasure. If I am sitting here and speaking today the Bhagavatam which has been specifically requested by my spiritual master for me to speak on, I am so happy, and I know that my spiritual master is satisfied. As a matter of fact I don't have anything else to accomplish further, because by reading the Bhagavatam and chanting the Holy Names of the Lord and serving the devotees, I know that this is what Krishna wants us to do. So if I die today, or die while I am chanting or while I am speaking about the Bhagavatam, there is nothing more lucky which could happen to me, I don't need to progress towards A, B or C, because by the grace of Prabhupada already I achieved A, B and C. A, B and C means Srimad Bhagavatam, sadhu-sanga, kirtan, the wonderful life of being with the devotees of the Lord and love for the Lord it is coming from that company, that is coming as a transcendental gift to all of us. We do not have to make any separate efforts except to be really useful to our spiritual master, to be useful is our life and soul, to try our best. We should not be so anxious to utilize Krishna, we should be anxious to be utilized by Krishna. That is the crucial difference between material consciousness and spiritual consciousness. In spiritual consciousness you want to be utilized by Krishna and in material consciousness you want to utilize Krishna. Everything you do you always think how to get more from Krishna, how to make my position more superior with the help of Krishna, and this is not proper, this is absolutely not proper.

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