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Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, He wakes up in the morning and He takes His devotees along to chant the nagar-sankirtan to go from town to town, house to house, and He is singing jiv jago, jiv jago gaurachandra bole: "You please wake up sleeping souls, what will happen if you do not worship the darling of Mother Yashoda in this lifetime, then you will waste your human form of life, yes my friend, you will waste your precious human form of life. You will totally waste it if you do not take shelter of the darling of Mother Yashoda, lala Krishna. He is so wonderful, He is playing in Vrindavan and He is the Supreme Absolute Truth. And what are you doing ? You are playing cards, you are playing in this human form of life".

Like when I was a little kid we were always taught to play, only nonsense plays. We were made to play with little trains. And we were trained up to put up the trails and then you have the electric train running there. And then we were taught to play with so many other toys. Nobody ever told us about Mother Yashoda and darling Krishna. Nobody told us about the human form of life. And then after we got tired of this little games in our rooms then we were told to participate in idle sports, running after a ball, silly sports, absolutely stupid. Just like football, 22 people running like mad after a piece of leather from a dead animal and trying to beat. So many silly games the man has invented. Yes they are silly because they are good for nothing games. Not only that, you can see in every newspaper there is a sportssection. How many trees have already been killed just for giving silly reports about silly games ? It is unimaginable how many trees have been killed for that, just to give you the news about who jumped higher, who ran faster, who won the last cricked game. Radio, Television, Newspaper just for idle sports and we have not worshipped the darling of mother Yashoda. We have not taken into consideration the sweet pastimes, that the Supreme Personality of Godhead descends on this planet, that has not been given great attention. It is quite amazing, it's actually a very strange phenomena. Because, you see, maybe you cannot understand the darling of Mother Yashoda, maybe you don't know anything about that, but you surely can understand the Bhagavad-gita, well maybe you wont understand the Bhagavad-gita either, but at least you can understand that Bhagavad-gita is talking about subject matters which are of maximum importance to all living beings. At least you can understand that this Srimad-Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad-gita is talking about the realization of ourself. At least you can understand that the Bhagavad-gita is telling you something about before you were born and something about after you die. The Bhagavad-gita is giving you a scientific understanding of your eternal identity, of your spiritual identity. Cricked and football does not give you any clue on your identity. It does not matter who wins the cricked match, it does not matter who is the best tennis player in the world, it does not matter who gains more money in the computer business, it does not matter what is happening in the temporary world. You should find out what is happening in the eternal world because you belong to the eternal world, you do not belong to the world of this 60-70 years of life.

You don't belong here, you belong to the world of Krishna, you belong to the world of love to God. You all know that because you all want to love. We are here in this material world always looking for somebody to give our heart to. Like in India previously or even today marriage is for whole lifetime. You can see that there are some nice hindu families and they get married and they stay together all lifetime, no question of divorce. They love each other, and it's a very beautiful family, who can deny it ? To be together for the whole lifetime with one partner and have beautiful children, thats very wonderful. But even then, one day your gonna come home and you find your beloved partner lying dead. You will say: "Hey, hey wake up, wake up!", No wake up, finished. The soul has left the body, and your beloved lifecompanion is gone ! And you don't know where he is gone. And everybody wailing, wailing: "Oh Mother has died, father has died, he is gone, now we are left alone, life is no more so nice because our beloved person is not here" And then, the next one dies, and then the next one dies until you die. So then what was the purpose of this living together, loving each other if all ends up in death ? If all ends up in leaving this world ? and going away and not knowing where we go ? So then the Bhagavatam says: "Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya, I offer my most humble obeisances unto Vasudeva, the son of Vasudeva Sri Krishna, He is also known as Vasudeva. I am offering my most humble obeisances unto Him, the Supreme Personality of Godhead". Athato brahma jijnasa, this human form of life is meant to inquire about the truth, to serve the truth, that is the meaning of human life. No other meaning is there. You don't have any other job, you don't have any other business, really. This is our goal, this is our business, seva to Krishna, to do devotional service, to be engaged in Krishnas beloved devotees service, this is the real meaning. So we are being mislead in this world, this world is a big confusion, a big illusion, everybody is being mislead that you are here to entertain yourself. You are not ! You read the Bhagavad-gita, what does the Gita say ? kama esa krodha esa rajo-guno-samadbhavah, mahasano maha-papma viddhy enam iha vairinam, That the pleasure principle, I and mine, my pleasure, that is the root cause of all your problems. But all our modern societies are only servicing to the pleasure principle: "Get this, get that, make your life confortable, don't have to wash your cloth anymore, get a washing machine ! don't have to wash your dishes anymore, get a dish-washing machine ! You don't have to get your juice anymore, get a juicing machine ! You need some more climate change ? get an airconditioner ! You need a more faster transportation ? well get a nice Tata-Sumo (indian car) ! Everything you want they try to make more commodity, more comfort for the body, thats all. And they tell you: "Now you must make the money, so you can buy all these comfortable things, what is the use of not enjoying life, what is the use for not taking advantage of all this sense gratification ?" So in this material world they are always telling you: "Get more, get more, get more, get more, get more". Never it stops. Only when your body is so old, you cannot even enjoy it anymore. Some people they are very old, but they have very much money still, then they think: "Oh, how I am gonna enjoy that money quickly now, since I am becoming old". But can you imagine a 80 years old man buying a Rolls Roice ? What for ? (laughing). Even with a Rolls Roice you are still going to be 80 years old. When you see a nice car and a nice young man and a nice young woman and everything nice and very opulent, then you think: "Oh, it looks good, they seem to be enjoying". But how a 80 years old man can enjoy a Rolls Roice ? He only needs a Riksha (laugher). So this material world is actually just making a joke with us. The material world is somehow or other just showing how ridiculous we are. Just when you are about to die, then do you want to know who wins the cricked match ? Do you care for such things ? Absolutely not. So we have to be very grateful to Srila Prabhupada for giving us this wonderful translation of the Bhagavad-gita as it is, and we have to be so grateful to Krishna. You know, who can understand Krishna ? He is a little baby, lala, He is naughty, He is playing flute, stealing butter, and then He is defeating the philosophy of the whole world. He is leaving the book which nobody can argue with. Who is going to say: "I don't believe in Bhagavad-gita". You don't believe in Bhagavad-gita ? What do you mean you don't believe in Bhagavad-gita, you don't believe you are eternal ? Well. You don't believe there is a soul ? Well .You don't believe in lust ? Well. You don't believe in the three modes of material nature ? Oh, I don't know. You don't believe that there is reincarnation ? Uhh, I don't know. You don't believe in the law of karma ? It doesn't matter wether you believe it because it is going to hit you anyway ! You don't have to believe in the law of karma, it comes anyway. it's just like you would say: "I don't believe in a disease", but when you are sick you can't get up ! "I don't believe in the dentist" But when you have a toothace you go:" Please, please my tooth". Thats all nonsense. We have to believe in the Bhagavad-gita, because the Bhagavad-gita is the book of truth, and truth is the truth because it's the truth, it doesn't need anybody to say: "Yes". You don't have to proof the sun. You don't have to say: "Oh, there, I will proof you the sun is there". Everybody knows that the sun is there as soon as there is light. And even if the clouds are covering the sun, everybody knows it's because of the sun that we have light. So Bhagavad-gita is like the sun. Come on, you know about religion, you have seen so many religions, so many religious books. The Bible ? with all due respect to any book dealing with God, it's nice, but the Bible and the Koran they are books which are just different descriptions of past messengers, there is the apostles, there is the Abraham, there is Moses, and there are differend personalities and they tell something about God. Like the ancestors, nobody has seen God, nobody really knows much about God, only there are some laws. Moses he got the laws, the commandments on a stone. And he has seen God in a burning bush. Well, burning bush is Agni, actually he saw Agni, because God is not just burning bush. But Agnidev he is fire, very firy. So Moses he actually saw Agni and he got from him the rules of karma, the ten commandments. Like when we study the ten commandments from Hindu point of view, we say: "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes", ten commandments, OK, no problem, a Hindu has no objection with the 10 commandments. So what does that mean ? They are true, they are dharma, they are OK. So in this way and specifically the 5 commandment: "Thou shall not kill", Prabhupada always used to say: "Why don't you read your commandments my friend ?, Thou shall not kill means don't kill the animals", and then the Christians say: "Oh thats not so important", Prabhupada said: "Thats the most important, you have to accept that, Thou shall not kill, otherwise it would have said: "Thou shall not murder"" If it would have said: "Thou shall not murder", then we could say: "Oh He is referring only to other human beings", but it says: "Thou shall not kill" !, not kill anybody unnecessary. So in this way the Hindu-religion approves of the 10 commandments. So therefore we say, whatever Moses got there it was good, it was the law of karma, the law of responsibility. There is something called the (unclear) of Talion, that is eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. We in the Hindu-religion say: "Yes ! that is the law of karma, that is true" So Christian religion also has some truth in it, good. Muslim religion also has some truth in it, good. But what they do know about God ? Nothing. They don't say anything about God. They don't know about where God is living. They only know stories of Apostles and Mesias, Messengers, but not much information about God, no Srimad-Bhagavatam, no beautiful history of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. But here we have Bhagavad-gita, the song of God Himself, and we have His beautiful lifestory, His beautiful teachings revealed by His pure devotees describing what He said, what He did, what He meant, what He wants you to do, everything is there in those scriptures, from this little cowherd boy. Then people say: "What ? Lord, Supreme Lord becoming cowherd boy in Uttar Pradesh, taking care of cows ? lifting mountains, who is this ?" And even the creator of the Universe Lord Brahma, even he could not believe it. Can you imagine, he is so powerful, so we should not be surprised about some atheists who cannot believe it. If the creator of the world could not believe it, he said: "God ?". And Indra, the Lord of heaven, he also could not believe it: "What ? my yajna was stopped in Vrindavan ? because of the commentary of a little boy ?, boy let them have it ! Let them see who is the one incharged here !, Samvartaka, give this good guys a good lesson in Vrindavan, that they will never ignore again Indra and his puja" And then you know what happend, you know the story, I don't have to tell. So Lord Brahma, the same ! He said: "I can't believe it, who is this little boy". Then he was defeated, 100 % defeated. When he went back and he saw the same cowherdboys which he had stolen, he went like: "Gee, what ? I am the creator, but..." and then he went back and looked and there they were lying again, and he went back and said: "What happened here ? Somebody is more powerful then me !" So then he thought: "Oh, I have made a big aparadha, I have offended, I have disturbed the pastimes of my Lord, it's my Lord !". You see the Lord likes to hide, He is very wonderful, He hides before His devotees. Like Lord Caitanya also did that. He didnt reveal His divinity so openly. Sometimes Srivas Thakur was carrying some bag and Nimai Pandit, very young at that time hadnt revealed His divine position even to His devotees, so He ran to Srivas and took his bag carry. And Srivas: "No, no not necessary, I can carry.." "No, uncle, you will not allow me to carry your bag ? How is this ?" So then, Srivas Thakur is elderly man, and young Caitanya is carrying his bag, and Srivas is thinking: "Oh, why He is carrying, this is not good" But He is enjoying: "Yes, I am carrying your bag", He is enjoying to serve His devotee, the Lord Himself He likes to serve His devotee ! That is love, He knows what is love, we don't know, we can learn it. So when Srivas Thakur later found out who was this Nimai Pandit and he thought: "He was carrying my bag! Uhhhh, the Lord tricked me, He cheated me!, He carryied my bag, how can I allow my Lord and master to carry my bag ? Never !" But that is the mood and love of Mahaprabhu and Krishna. They like to serve their devotees, so therefore they hide, appear as little boy sitting on the lap of Mother Yashoda and carrying the slippers of Nanda Maharaja on His had: "Oh baba, here I am having your slippers" and Nanda Maharajas heart is just melting: "Oh my little baby with my shoes, I cannot believe it". So this is most sweet.

Again maybe you can't believe that, but you can't deny the Gita, you can't deny His teachings. Who else has given that teachings ? Lord Buddha ? Has Lord Buddha given anything new ? it's all there in the Vedas, karma, reincarnation, Lord Buddha just repeated it. And all which He said was: "Well, the truth you cannot describe in all details". He denied the sweet revelations, but thats all. Otherwise Lord Buddha didnt invent any new teachings, karma, reincarnation, eternal soul. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the soul it's quite confused there. But you have to understand that Lord Krishna is unique, His contribution is unique on planet earth. There is no other scripture like Bhagavad-gita. And ask Schoppenhauer, ask Kant, ask Kirkegard, ask Rückert ask all these great thinkers, they will say: "Like Gita, nothing (comparable)". it's not just me, because I believe my Guru is the greatest therefore I am saying like this, no. All the thinkers who read Gita, they say: "Like Gita ? There is nothing" time I am destroyer of all, everything is Krishnas power and He is telling: "This is what you have to accept and surrender to it". It is just the Vaishnava theology, the Vaishnava ontology that is so elevated and so clear. It can practically give the solution to every problem in life. Here in India, in America, in South America, anywhere. Anywhere, anywhere and anywhere it gives the solution. So my dear friends what more can we say ? What more can we expect, what more can we hope for ? It is only that prayer we have that we may become real devotees of Radha and Krishna and understand the Gita and take the message of the Gita everywhere and the message of the Srimad Bhagavatam, the message of Love, thats the only thing we can aspire for. So Lord Krishnas unique contribution, the Bhagavad-gita, that has not been made known enough yet. People know it, people have heard it, but people are very doubtful how to put this into their life. Because they can't understand that the teaching of Lord Krishnas Bhagavad-gita is supporting a agriculture, arts, nice culture and human association, but it is not supporting idle talks and nonsense. There is no support coming from truly dharmic lifestyle for our modern deviated style of life. Thats why people are scared from accepting a Guru and accepting the vedic scriptures, because they can understand: "Many of our nonsense will be cut". Even today when you look at the internet, yes in the internet you can find a few wonderful things thanks to the Vaishnavas, but otherwise on the internet all you find is garbage, garbage and garbage in such incredible amounts, such incredible amounts of garbage that it is truly surprising. If you would look at some of those things they speak on the internet, you will become totally, totally disturbed. There are people they are chatting with each other, the only thing they say are vulgar things, they are only talking dirty words with each other, it is unbelievable. Just like in the printing industry, Gutenberg invented a good machine and we use it to print transcendental literature, but how much garbage has been printed ? Oh this is uncalculatable, the quantity. So when anything is here in this material world the mundane people will utilize it in big, big, big amounts and big style in their nonsense. And some devotees will use a little bit of it and make good use for it. Like when Prabhupada came to Chicago once, the newspaper reporter said: "Swamiji, you are complaining about materialistic society, but you are just arriving here with an airplane which is a materialistic product ?". Then Prabhupada looked at her and said: "Yes, if I wouldnt have used it it wouldnt have any use at all". Then she wouldnt know what to say anymore. So that is the position of Krishna in this world, He is unique. And His devotee is also unique, and His message is unique, so we should all pray to Krishna that we can become qualified that this unique blessing will really be well presented through your activities in this lifetime. That is what we have to hope for, because what if we have a unique philosophy and a unique process but we have a very bad representation, well thats not a very happy news.

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