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The content of this song (Narada Muni bhajaya vina) was explained by Srila Prabhupada in a Srimad Bhagavatam lecture:

Sri Narada Muni, a great soul, he is playing on his vina, (which is a wonderful instrument with strings, very old, from the vedic times), and the sound which is produced is Radhika-ramana, which is another name of Sri Krishna. As soon as Narada Muni touches this strings, all the devotees start singing and the most beautiful sound is produced. Accompanied with all the instruments there is the singing of nectar like rain falling from the sky and the devotees, they are dancing with full satisfaction in ecstatic rapture, and while they are dancing it looks like they are intoxicated by this ecstacy to the point of becoming mad, as if they would have taken the drink madhuri-pura. Some of them start crying, others dance wildly and some of them who cannot dance, they are dancing in their hearts. Shiva embraces Sri Narada Muni and with a voice trembling in ecstacy speaks, and Brahma when he sees Shiva dancing with Narada, he also joins and tells everybody: "Please be so kind and chant haribol, chant haribol". And Indra, the king of heaven, comes to join in to the party and begins to dance and also shout: "Haribol, Haribol !". In this way, with the influence of the transcendental sound of the Holy Name, the entire universe fills with ecstacy. Bhaktivinoda Thakura says: "When I see this universe totally captured by the ecstacy, my hearts desire is fulfilled, therefore I pray to the lotus feet of Srila Rupa Goswami that this singing of the maha-mantra can continue in such a wonderful way".

Here, we are receiving the full authorization to the harinama-sankirtana, the singing of the Holy Names of the Lord, whatever way you do it. Let the chanting penetrate from left to right, from up to down, from continent to continent, let this chanting go on, because it is an all-purifying process. What distinguishes a devotee from a non-devotee is that he is chanting with that mood. Sometimes non-devotees also chant, specifically amongs the mayavadi-section in this world, we often see that they even chant the maha-mantra in their meditation, but because they don't want to serve Krishna eternally as they are chanting, they cannot feel that ecstacy coming from the Holy Name. So therefore it is very important what mood, what internal mood you have while chanting the maha-mantra in regards how much of that transcendental ecstacy you will be able to relish. Of course the devotee wants to give others the ecstacy more than he wants to taste it himself. The devotee has the nature wanting to do para-upakara, means doing good to others. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came to teach us this wonderful tradition, this wonderful science of Krishna-consciousness, and going out in the street and chanting, or in the parks, or so to speak anywhere where you can get the opportunity to contact many people with the Holy Names of Krishna, immediately you should go and take advantage of that. So nowadays by the grace of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Prabhu, there are different places in the world, where we actually go out and sing every day the Holy Names of Krishna in the streets. It has become a daily function for many devotees, in the city of Santiago, Chile, it was even recently acknowledged by the city government that this chanting has been going on so long time without any permit, so now they say well we can just give you as well this permit, because you are going to chant anyway. So, to chant in the streets, like Caitanya Mahaprabhu sent his devotees, and Prabhupada sent us out, not only on the rasa-yatra day, but actually to go out and take the happy message of love for Krishna out into the public, to go there and give everybody a chance to know about the Holy Name, this is very wonderful, this is actually very, very wonderful. We are so lucky that we have come into that contact with the Holy Name of Krishna, it is unbelievably lucky. We can organize so many different events with the Holy Name, and all the people who listen to this Holy Name, their life may change. I know many people who have come into contact with Srila Prabhupadas movement simply by meeting the devotees singing in the streets. Of course, sometimes devotees also find new ways and means to take the Holy Names somewhere else. Sometimes they go and even sing in the discotheques, or whatever place. I remember that over the years of harinama, sometimes we were invited to play and sing in the television stations. Sometimes we were playing in the radios, sometimes we were playing in the discotheque, right there with the people coming for enjoynment and we come with a big kirtan. Sometimes on a big rock-concert, somehow or another they allow us to go on stage and just recently in Hungary they have the performance of the hair-musical, the original hippy musical which was produced in the sixties and which already had the maha-mantra incooperated in the music (chanting maha-mantra in that tune). That was the first time the maha-mantra was vastly spread in the world, even through nondevotees singers, thats the first time I heard the maha-mantra sung in such a way. It was a magic chant because it immediately got stuck on me, it immediately captured me, I wanted to go on singing afterwards, the mantra kept sounding within me and now recently there was an reenaction in Gyor (Hungary) of that festival and the director of that musical, he came to the temple in Gyor and he requested the devotees, every night when this was out of stage, in the middle of the function, that they should just walk in with kirtan into the main theatre of the city, and they would just walk in there and walk through all of the people and right on the stage the devotees would have a real kirtan out there on the stage and participating in that festival. In the brake of that drama, or musical, the devotees would go around and distribute prasadam to the people there, paid by the drama organizers. So in this way you can see Krishnas names have captured the world in one way or another, sometimes George Harrison, when he chanted the Holy Names for a recording, they were chanting 4 hours, and it became a hit in the hitparade in the world, the number 1 song for many months to go. In Yugoslavia for example it was the number one in the hit parades, the maha-mantra, in 1971 (appr.). Amazing how Prabhupada, how Krishna does that, and it keeps going in. Amongst the 3 songs most heard in the whole entire world "My sweet Lord" is one of them. The Hare Krishna maha-mantra is the most heard song in the world, because it is so wonderful. When you hear the song "My sweet Lord", that is divinely inspired, it is such a wonderful song to actually touch the hearts of people and give them an understanding of the Holy Name of Krishna. The other day I was in Rome, they were celebrating the 2000 years of some religious celebration in their tradition, and they had a big exhibit, and in that exhibit they had a big picture of the devotees on harinama chanting the names of Krishna. So it is actually almost becoming universally accepted that Krishna is the name of God and that chanting His name is very auspicious. One time a priest was in an office in a bank, and the devotees were having harinama down in the street, that was in a skyline on the 14 floor. The priest was looking down and said: "Look at these ridiculous people down there how they are jumping and dancing", but what he didnt know was that the director of that bank was our devotee, so the director who was listening to the commentary of the priest he told to the priest: "Ridiculous is if somebody judges something he doesn't know", then the priest said: "What do you mean ?", "Well you don't know what they are doing and you just call them ridiculous", "Oh, what they are doing ?", "Well they are chanting the names of God in sanskrit. May I ask you to sit down ?", so the priest sat down. And the devotee, Govinda Prakash, pulled out the bible which he has in his table and he said: "Look at the psalms: You should chant the names of the Lord from the morning to the night without interuption", the priest became speechless, the devotee continued to read: "You should chant the names with cimbles" and he asked the priest: "do you know what is a cimble ?" the priest said: "No", "Well it is metal plates, they are cimbles, look what they are playing down there, cimbles, and the names they are singing is in sanskrit, names of God". The priest was completely quiet, he said: "I am sorry".

So people judge things without knowing, but the fact is that the Holy Name of God is the purifying agent for this age, we don't know how it gets to the people, but as soon as people start chanting the names of the Lord a transcendental transformation is possible. A transcendental transformation will actually take place and will change their existence by the grace of the Supreme Lord. So we believe in Narada Muni and we believe in the modern Narada Muni, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who came actually and distributed this Holy Name all around the world. In this way we hope that it keeps spreading and there will be more ways and more suprises how the Holy Name of Krishna will go everywhere. We can only pray that the devotees will have such a divine performance in their own private lifes that the people will actually think: "A devotee of Krishna, it's a real saintly person". That is our secret ambition, and obviously it is not easy if you consider our negative samskara, our negative past. It is not such an easy thing to aspire for, that the devotees simply turn around and become saints.

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