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Questions and answers, this is the substance of whats going on in this material world. Srimad Bhagavatam tells as that there are different questions and obviously different answers. Only when you ask the right question will you get the right answer. Some topics of this material world just could be called crow topics, for the crows. And then there are the swans, they are delighted in taking the nectar from this world and connecting themselves with the higher realm, paramahansas are they called. They only want the highest, they do not feel satisfied simply by remaining within the confinement of the world, the matter, they don't want to know everything about the duality of life. The paramahansas ask the questions with connect us with God, and they get those answers which they can appreciate alone.

You will never see crows and swans mix, to types of birds, one is white and one is black. One is always searching the beautiful water sceneries with lotus flowers, and the otherone you find picking in the garbage. Never you see a swan there. So the topics of this material world are also swan topics and then there are also the crow topics. All what you do to increase the conversation on crow topics will drag you down in this material world. And all the swan topics will bring you up to higher consciousness. We are always eager to meet such persons who will tell us whats going on in the spiritual world, who are eager to hear, to dive deep into reality, reality the beautiful, search for Sri Krishna. Who is Sri Krishna ? He is the infinite reality, reality the beautiful, that is the real Krishnanushandanam, or the perfect inquiry for every living entity, to find out who is God, who is Krishna. The Absolute Truth exists by Himself and for Himself. So if you ask the question about the Absolute Truth only then can you understand something about (it). Because since the Absolute Truth exists by Himself and for Himself, it is not indebted to anyone. But just because the Absolute Truth has created that consciousness within you, which makes you part of it, therefore you have a chance to inquire about it and you have a chance, by divine grace, to also understand something about it. Even though it may appear difficult to conceive of how a conditional soul can be connected to the world of love, it is only because you belong to that world of love, it is really your constitutional position. So if you belong to the world of love, but your questions are only oriented towards the world of matter, towards the world of ignorance, then how can you get, or understand the truth about everything.

You are a resident in a foreign land, you have not been granted permanent visa, you have only been given temporary permit to be there and you also received working permit, but for granted and for sure you have not been given permanent entrance into any place in this material world, because in this material world everything is impermanent. Even if you are born in a place, you are always a stranger to that place, what to speak when you come to another country, another place, you can clearly understand that: "This is not my place, I don't belong here, people talk a different language, people look different, everything is different, they eat different food than I am accustomed to". So you can understand: "I am a foreigner here". So if you understand that: "I am a foreigner here", then why do you want to stay here permanently ? If you understand that you are a foreigner in this material world, then why you would try to make so many arrangements for comfortable living and for arranging your sense gratification ? Forget it, just get out of here, perpare yourself to get out. Fulfill all the things you have to fulfill, since you have a material body you have to follow that direction given by the material body, you have to get food when you are hungry, you have to fill some bodily needs. But that is not the real special thing about being here in this material world, or in the material body. Eating, sleeping, mating and defending, that is nothing special. That is not even worthwhile our time to talk about it. Just like if you say: "Oh, the potatos today, that was the greatest thing I have ever eaten, I think I am gonna write a book about the potatos of the 17 of March, what an important news for the world to know how great the potatos were today", everybody will call you a fool. Why are you writing about potatos. So then why you are writing about sex life ? Thats just another stupid potato, why you are writing about jealousy ?, everybody is jealous in this world, why you are writing about kings and powerful people ? Even the most powerful people go down to the ground and are eaten by worms, so why so much false propaganda for solid existence. Within this material world we are all foreigners, nobody belongs here to this world.

So in this way we can understand that we should prepare ourself for spiritual life, we should prepare ourself for a very wonderful understanding of our existence, we should prepare ourself to go home back to Godhead, to our real home where we really belong. Because if you don't do that, again you come here, again you have to be born here and what is going to be your next birth ? Who knows, maybe a chinese worker somewhere in a big factory and all that life is going to be never leaving the village, just working there. Like all of you have traveled long distances, that is very special, many people in this world they can never travel, they stay in their little village, in their little factory all their life. Some people in Calcutta never get out of their suburb, they never even went to see the center of the city, they are totally confined to something, some little microcosmos. So in this way we don't know what will happen next, but one thing we know, we are foreigners here, we are strangers, we don't belong here, we are all going to suffer and die, and we are all giving trouble one to each other, and then we see: "Oh, what is the special thing about here ?", well the special thing is that we can engage in Krishna consiousness, the special thing is that we can search for reality the beautiful, that we can search for Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna, Krishnanushandanam, the loving search for the Lord, and the Lord is searching lovingly for His lost servant. come on, WAKE UP MY FRIEND ! Somebody is searching you, it's not some mundane fellow who wants to enjoy your body, it's not some new business opportunity to talk about, we are not going to introduce the latest multilevel-marketing scheme for making money, no my friend, we are searching for you because you belong to our transcendental family, come with us, go home back to Godhead. There is nothing more, better to be done.

So this is Vrindavan where you can hear that call, because it's coming from here, Prabhupada stayed here, all the time Srila Prabhupada came here to the Imlitala and prayed to this tree like every other Vaishnava, from the acaryas down to the little smallest bhakta, everybody prayed to Imlitala for divine love, understanding divine love and serving divine love. So we are here to serve the divine love, we cannot understand that, we cannot have any claim for it. But we can do some service, right ? some small little service, that will be our connection, then if divine love wants to descend on us or grant us entrance or grant us realization, that is up to the divine love department. Since the Supreme Lord is from Himself, by Himself and for Himself, so if He wants to include us in His divine plan, that is His decision. We can only tell: "Gurudeva, at your order, I will do some little thing, because if I serve the divine realm, well the divine realm surely will know that there is another one applying for entrance, or applying for admission into transcendental love understanding".

So this is Imlitala, where the divine couple has manifested in a joined form as Caitanya Mahaprabhu. This is Imlitala, the land of love, the origin of the distribution, when madhurya becomes audarya, that is when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appears in this world and He goes out and He distributes that mercy all over the world and that is why we are here. We are the living proof, the evidence of, that the Supreme Autocrat is supremely merciful, that He wants to bring us here. Everytime I am coming and seeing the Yamuna-kunja, I am walking into a dream. Vrinda-kunja, Yamuna-kunja, Vanshi-kunja, they are dreams. They are the temples of the devotion, of the bhakti, of the path of bhakti, of the great acaryas. Even though we are so insufficient, even though we are so conditioned, it is taking possession of us, and it is growing and spreading and going here and going there. Sometimes devotees tell me: "Oh, I am a little bit upset, I cannot follow everything, it seems to be so difficult", yes, because you have not the capacity to see the plan of Mahaprabhu. Giriraj Govardhan is there in the mountains of Colombia, down in the valleys of Chile, all the way on the coast of Argentina, Giriraj has gone to China, He has gone to Africa, to Germany, to everywhere. Giriraja has gone, Mahaprabhu has gone, emanating from Imlitala, emanating from this place. Giriraj has expended, Mahaprabhu has expended, Nityananda has expended, His devotees are expending and even though the devotees cannot understand each other very well, it doesn't matter, Mahaprabhu understands us very well. It is not necessary that we are all understanding each other so well, because this is just our conditional existence. But one thing is for sure, Mahaprabhu knows the heart of every devotee and He wants everybody to go and become an instrument of that love.

Oh my Lord, please let me become an instrument of Your love - that is the meaning of the songs of the vaishnava acaryas and I thank you very much for coming to Vrindavan, I thank you very much for participating in this Krishna-consciousness movement, I thank you very much for taking the name of Hari in every other place. I thank you very much, even though I don't have to thank you, because you have to thank Krishna and your good fortune, but I thank you for every kirtan you sing, for every class you speak. But who is benefitted when I sing my kirtan, when I sing my rounds ? it's me. Who is benefitted when I can speak or hear about Krishna ? it's me. What is the future for all of us ? Well, Prabhupada gave us the answer. Somebody asked him: "What comes from chanting Hare Krishna ?" and he said: "More chanting", "and then later ?", "More chanting", so you are already getting some of it, so don't complain. Just keep chanting and you will get more chanting and then finally you will get more chanting. Now you think there is too much chanting ? You think there is too much Krishna, too much mercy ? What do you want to do instead of chanting ? What do you want to do instead of harinam ? What do you want to do instead of preaching ? What do you want to do instead of designing things for the Supreme Lord ? Instead of that what proposal you have ? That is the important question. Only chanting is the goal of life. Chanting, chanting, chanting the names of the Lord, chanting, chanting, chanting the names of the Lord. This chanting made the king so mad that he wanted to kill his son, but Prahlad kept chanting Krishnas name so it was all undone. Nobody could kill Prahlada, because he kept chanting. So you chant and you can never be killed on this eternal path to home.

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