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"Chant, speak, call, always chant Radha-Krishna, Radha-Krishna. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda are dancing through the land of Nadia and are distributing this message to all human beings: Oh brother ! do not waste your time uselessly under the kingdom and leadership of maya because it will only make you suffer misery without end. You will be thrown here and there by the waves of this ocean of illusion. Sometimes you will float on the surface, and another time you will sink down deep into this illusion. Brothers and sisters chant, speak, callout Radha-Krishna. When you can understand that you are eternal spirit soul and an eternal servant of Krishna than all the sufferings will find a final end. Therefore chant the holy names of Krishna and your body will tremble in ecstasy and your eyes will be filled with the tears of love of God. That I can assure you. Sing, chant, talk about Radha-Krishna, simply sing Radha-Krishna in the association of Devotees that is my only request which I have to you. Bhaktivinode says: All dangers will stay away when you simply chant this holy name."

Here Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur is making a very strong emphasis on the divine couple of Vrindavan Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. We can hear so much about them when we read the literature of the Acaryas, and when you look at the books which are there for the very advanced Devotees we can see they are going deeper and deeper and deeper into those lilas. They go very deep and the advanced Devotees are drawn into that lila at a certain stage, at a certain moment in their existence. The divine lila captures them totally. For us as beginners on this path of devotional service we can understand the position of Radha-Krishna as the divine couple, the underlying principle of loving relationship, adi-rasa, where the soul has a loving relationship with God, and that loving relationship with God is crowned by the madhurya-rasa manifested in Sri Vrindavan-dham, which is so high, so high, so incredibly high that it has been described as parakiya-rasa, even higher then the svakiya-rasa were the Lord gets married to his queens. Even higher then the position of mother Laxmi and Vishnu. Even higher then the relationship of the faithful Sita to her beloved Rama. The love of Radha and Krishna has such a unique feature that everybody is captured by that who lends an ear to hear about it from the proper source. When I first read the Krishna book, many, many years back, and when I read the chapter of the rasa dance and the separarion the gopis feel when Krishna all of a sudden disappears, and the talk of the gopis in madness in separarion of Krishna and Srimati Radharanis talk with the bumblebee. All this beautiful stories which are there compiled so beautifully by Srila Prabhupada always pointing out to make sure that these young readers will not mistaken this to be any description of mundane erotic feelings or mundane erotic manifestations. When I was reading these descriptions initially I felt like hearing about a world I aspired to reach but which felt so far away, so far, like something virtually unreachable for me. But after coming in contact more closely with the Devotees and seeing the service rendered to their divine Lordship Radha-Krishna in the different temples, by reading further books on this topics, by feeling or seeing how deep emotions develop in the hearts of great souls like Sridhar Maharaja, Puri Maharaja, Prabhupada who actually get some very deep connection in their emotional life from these lilas, from these transcendental manifestions and revealations, then I could understand that this is a real gift. It is not only the information about something happening somewhere so far away unreachable for us. But I felt that Radha-Krishna has come to this world to take us with them, to actually make an arrangement that we would be transfered into their eternal lila. There is an actual recruiting process going on, organized by the greatest of all the distributors of divine mercy, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu himself, who gave the charge of that main distribution to Sri Nityananda Prabhu, and he again revealed in his divine preaching that the secret lies in Lord Caitanya himself because: sri krishna caitanya radha krishna nahe anya. this divine couple of Radha-Krishna have come personally to make a strategy of recruitment of the fallen souls into their divine world of love.

Now there is something peculiar about that: that the divine world of love loves to have recruit's. Well it's the nature of love that it likes to expand. It is not a stagnant affair. It is not something just confined just to one place, it is not something so limited. Transcendental love has the dynamics of wanting to spread. That is why Lord Krishna has created everyone of us, because he is in the mood of spreading his love, and we as part and parcels of his also wish that our love can spread. Just like when you make a new friend, don't you feel really happy ? Well you already had some friends before, you could have confined your concentration on them. No, friendship likes to expand, love likes to expands. Just like when the father has a child, and the child is telling him: Father, I have a great news for you. Then the father says: what is the great news ? You are going to be grandpa. Oh that is the great news for the father. I am going to be grandfather. Oh wonderful. Not that he is going to say: Oh my God why did you do this horrible thing and bring another child to this world, no no no, he will not say like that. His heart will become warm at the very instant of perceiving that another child, his grandchild, is coming to this world, is in the womb already. So this is the nature of love. Love likes to expand. So if thats within us, that nature of expanding our friendship and love, then it is in Krishna, because he is the origin of everything. So he also likes his love to expand, and his divine relationship with Srimati Radhika is that type of love which likes to recruit further laxmis and gopis into the realm of his pastimes. That we can understand by simply looking what is going on. This is not an invention by Srila Prabhupada, it was not invented by Rupa Goswami or Sanatan Goswami, these were the orders given to them by Caitanya Mahaprabhu. And as you can see further all the Goswamis engaged in one way or another in recruiting others to the divine love of appreciating the transcendental paramour Sri Gopinathji, who sometimes is being described in the scriptures all the way to call Him words like naughty, that He is of an flickering nature, that He loves all the gopis and all the girls, that sometimes He is captured by Chandravalis love and then He finds out that Radharani got very upset about that, and when He found out that Radharani now is not going to talk to Him anymore then Her love is so great that He becomes desperate and He goes away crying throwing away His crown and His flute and His everything, and then He meets Paurnamasi and she says you talk to Vrinda-devi. If you want to regain the love of Radhika you have to give up everything, even the colour of Your skin, even Your hair You have to give up. You have to become a mendican't, a beggar. So then He turns like this into a mendican't, because He wants to regain the mercy of Srimati Radharani. And when He goes and begs to Her, She looks at His face and She realizes that this is Krishna who has come to beg for my love. Then She forgets everything and forgives Him. So this is also a description how Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu manifested out of the eagerness for Srimati Radharanis love. For Her love Krishna gave up His colour, His hair and everything and became a beggar. So begging for love, this is the mission of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, going door to door and begging for love: Oh my dear Lord, or my dear friends, please take up the holy names of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. baja gauranga kaha gauranga laha gauranga nam, ye gana gauranga baje sei haya mor pran. Begging for love, begging for love. What else do you want ? You want to make money ? then you don't have to beg, then you make a business and make money. You want to get knowledge ?, then you don't have to beg. Just get books and read them, or you can go to public library. You want to get power ? Well there are ways to get power too. Everything you can get. But for love you can only beg. You can become a beggar of divine love. And that is what we are trying to become here, somehow or other. thats why the dress also suit's quite well. Just a piece of cloth, shaving the head, putting on the tilak, putting the jappa on our head and begging: Oh my Lord some love please ! My Lord I cannot go on without love. This life without love, I had everything a person wants to have but my heart is empty. I am not crying out of love, I am just unhappy because I have not found for whom I can really live wholeheartedly. So in this way it is the movement of the beggars, the tridandi bikshu, the madhukaris, they simply go around and beg, please give me some mercy, vaishnava thakura doyara sagara, give me some mercy, I am in need of mercy. I am not making any claims. I am not putting any stake and saying this is me and this is mine and this is my right. No, I have given up on that. anyabilashita sunyam jnana karmadi anavritam anukulyena krishna anusilanam bhaktir uttama. There is no more demand for karma-kanda, there is no more speculation on my side. Why ? Because I realized that it doesnt work. I am a beggar of love and I want love and I cannot get love by all knowledge and by all karmic arrangements. Even if you make me a very powerful person in this world I will not get that love my heart thirsts for. So today is a very wonderful day, maha dvadasi, so we can beg for this love. We can chant and beg for this divine love. Oh my Lord give me this divine love, without it my heart is empty and full of sorrow. I am a beggar of divine love. Forgive all my shortcomings, my anarthas which have come to bother me so much, the vashanas of my subconsciousness are arriving again and again poking up out of the subconsciousness and again trying to drag me down with lusty desires, greed, envy, confusion, anger. Lust, anger and greed the royal roads to hell, they are still inviting me, trying to entice me to go there where I have already suffered so much. I am a beggar for your love, I am a beggar, I am nobody. A beggar has no claim, a beggar has no rights. You can beat me, You can embrace me as You like as Srimati Radharani is saying. I am unconditionally Yours, I cannot resist. You can do with me whatever You like. Even if You are a debauchee, even if You don't keep faithful to me. My Lord you have all the rights to do anything and everything. You have bought me. I am nobody, I am simply a recipient of Your love. And if You want to give that love to me I am the most fortunate, and if not well then I will simply keep begging. There is no change, I will not give up Your love, I will not forsake You for any other proposal because only Your love can really fulfill this empty heart. This love is real, Krishnas love is real, and His love is such that He loves us more then we love Him. He is more eager for us to go to Him then we are eager to go to Him. But if at some point in your existence you decide you want that love then you have to become a beggar of love, like Nityananda is proposing.

When Raghunath das Goswami got the mercy of Lord Nityananda, then finally he met Mahaprabhu in Puri and Mahaprabhu said: Oh Raghunath you are doing big prasadam festivals, means you are getting money from your father who is a Zamindar and you are inviting all the Devotees for pakka (first class) festivals. This is not the style for a renunciant. Then this words hit Raghunath das so hard, that nobody would even find out where he eats these days. He dissapeared from the eating environment of the Devotees. He wasnt sitting there with all the Devotees when there were big mahotsavas. Mahaprabhu asked Svarup Damodara: Could you please find out where is this boy eating, I am getting worried. Then Svarup Damodara said: Oh he is eating secretly in the garden there. What is he eating ? I don't know. So Mahaprabhu went there to see and what he was eating was the rice which the cows would not eat, which was rejected by them. When they throw the remnants in the gate of Jagannath-mandir the cows would eat the part which is still kind of good, but what was rotten they would not eat. So he would take that, clean it and that he was eating. Then Mahaprabhu he went there and he got close while Raghunath was eating something and Mahaprabhu snatched something from his hand and said: Oh you are eating big feast and not inviting me, what type of character you have ? And he would eat that and Raghunath was fainting, my Lord, you cannot it this my Lord ! So this is the concept of love. A beggar for love. If it pleases you my Lord that I wont eat, then I wont eat. If it pleases You that I wont sleep, then I wont sleep. If it pleases You that I go from door to door and beg everybody to chant hare krishna, then I will go from door to door and beg everybody. If it pleases You that I go and do dandavat parikrama around Govardhan then I will do that, whatever pleases You. And then you approach Sri Gurudeva in this mood and say: Gurudeva without Your grace I will never get Radha and Krishnas love, I will never understand Nitai and Gauranga, so please you utilise me in Your service. That is devotional service, that is the relationship to the Guru which will give you that divine love for sure and quickly. That intensity of a relationship which admittedly is very difficult to come about. That love from the side of a disciple is very rarely found and that shelter at the feet of a divine Master of prema-bhakti is very hard, very rarely achieved. Still that is the only thing we can become eager for. That is the only thing we can cry for. And we can cry for that in the separation from the spiritual Master as well when he is personally present. So crying for love, the real beggar of love, that is the mood of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. That is why He has come here. And He has exhibited so many divine to show that this world is nothing, it is useless. Simply go to the world of love. And as long as you have to be in this world just behave like a gentleman and do what your Guru wants you to do. Thats all. Thats the path back to Home, back to Godhead. Back to the eternal love where Radha and Krishna are inviting us to go. Please do not loose that opportunity. I know it's hard to be a beggar. It is much more easy to take shelter of ones own prowess, to say oh I have got money, oh I have got knowledge, oh I have got a nice family, I have got some fame, I have got a nice temple, I have got this, I have got that. It is so much easier to take shelter in our ego world of our prowess, of our aquisitions. But the beggar of love has nothing, because he knows that everything belongs to Gurudeva, everything, every penny, every kurta you have belongs to Gurudeva, everything belongs to Him. He is the exclusive proprietor of my existence and therefore I use everything in His service. As He has directed to me that is my existence, that is my happiness. So in this mood we can understand that the beggar for mercy is the most healthy condition for going back to our real spiritual identity. Our spiritual identity is the identity of a loving servant. Our spiritual identity is not an ego identity. It is not an identity of challenging, of comparing yourself with others. It is not an identity of showing your own greatness. It is the identity of a beggar for love, a beggar for mercy, a beggar for the dust of the lotus feet of all the other Vaishnavas as well. Such a humble beggar for love he is very snigdaha, he is kindhearted, he does not get angry. He simply prays. And even though I am nobody I still can understand that I should beg for the mercy of all the Vaishnavas, regardless where they come from and which missions they belong to. Of course most naturally one begs for the mercy from those one knows personally and is affiliated or connected to in one way or another. Just begging for that love and becoming the sole property of Gurudeva, thats also very very high and difficult to reach. Will Krishna lay His claim on me ? Through Gurudeva He does that, He lays His claim on you. Through Gurudeva He will tell you: Oh you are my disciple, then you come here and help me. One time I got a letter from Srila Prabhupada when I was living in Brasil. And He wrote to me: As far as Brasil is concerned I am depending 99 % on you, and one percent is me. When I read that letter I melted away. How can my Guru trust me for anything, what to speak of such an incredible task of giving me a Prabhudattadesh. I just melted away, I can never forget that. That the spiritual Master lays claim on you means He is saying: you belong to me and I give you this job, you take care for my children there. Do you know what that means ? A father will not give his child under care of anyone save and except if he knows and loves and trusts that person 100 %. So when the spiritual Master lays claim on you and gives you a service were your time and energy is taken up completely then you are definetely in a very fortunate position. My spiritual Master did that so kindly with me by telling me that my life belongs to preaching Krishna-consciousness and in His absence to keep taking care for all those who have come to Him, all the loving Devotees. And that is the real meaning of becoming a slave. The slave of love is the slave of those who need you. And we all need krishna-katha, hari-katha. That is the only medicine which will uplift us from our diseased position. So therefore I am very greatful that you are giving me the chance to speak hari-katha. Because in this way I can also listen to it. And in this way I can also remember my divine master Srila Prabhupada and His preaching which is our life and soul, which saved us from the most unfortunate consciousness. Srila Prabhupada ki jay !, Vaishnava vrinda ki jay ! Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur ki jay ! Gaurapremanande haribol !

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